Furniture conceived for homes and business, designed with the trendiest lines and produced with the most innovative and environment friendly techniques. Everything with the best quality-price ratio.

The enterprise

The industrial vintage furniture style takes its characteristics from the old factories and industrial spaces, in which solid wood pieces are joined with strong metal elements conferring an extraordinary resistance to use.

Both metal and wooden finishing are not delicate and it is allowed some visible irregularities. These are not defects, in fact this kind of roughness is what give to the unit its appearance of industrial origin.

At Crea Collection we make ours the recycling and sustainable economy philosophy, and the care and respect for the environment. Therefore, some years ago we decided to create furniture with contemporary design, but under the premise of sustainability.

Furniture adapted to the market needs, current trends and industrial vintage style.


Crea Collection Vintage


The products in our Vintage Crea Collection line are inspired in the old factories and office buildings that become lofts or homes. When these industrial spaces turned into living spaces some original elements were recycled: old lamps, working desks, shelves, chariots, etc.


Crea Collection Wood


The products in our Wood Crea Collection line built with rustic transport pallets. Sofas made with 80x100 and 80x120 pallets allow modular designs quite interesting.  Other products are the low coffee tables, poufs, flowerpot stands, etc.